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I would definitely recommend SRT psychotherapy as this process makes you feel like an onion.  Layers of trapped negative energies are lifted. To be precise, it feels like the curse is lifted! This is also an opportunity to heal any unpleasant events/actions throughout the soul’s journey. VK (Ilford)

Life changing experience with SRT

Nayana is a lovely, kind and generous lady who is also a master at Pranic Healing.  I started seeing her around January and still carry on with my therapy.  In the beginning I felt as almost I can’t cope with pressure for life anymore, as if I carry the world on my shoulder.  I found Nayana through a very dear friend who attended her therapies before.  Help was there and she reached me with her helping hands and we tried SRT first and I was amazed a the results.  Nayana also healed my IBS which was caused by stress – as stress went away, my stomach felt better and didn’t get symptoms anymore.  I still see her and will do time to time when I need a bit boost, cleansing, healing.  I totally recommend her and she helps me through every way.  I am planning to take pranic healing course in future too.  AL (Upminster)

Planning to take Pranic Healing Course

Nayana definitely has a special gift that has impacted my life.  For anyone that wants an extraordinary experience this is the place to go.  I have been there twice now and both times I have seen results.  The second time I went was for SRT and days later I’m already noticing a difference.  I feel completely calm and relaxed in Nayana’s presence which also make the whole experience a lot easier.  So a big thank you for making a positive contribution to my life.  F L (Kent)

Extraordinary experience

Nayana is a master at what she does and has a real gift for healing.  I had a telephone consultation as I was interested in Reiki and then Nayana suggested Pranic Healing.  I was amazed by the results (having tried hypnosis and counselling before with limited success).  She is a lovely lady who really puts you at ease and I have recommended her to all my friends. 100% genuine. R (Romford)

Real gift for healing

I visited Nayana after speaking to a friend who had known her for a while.  I was looking for some help, as I had been suffering with panic attacks, anxiety and didn’t want to leave the house or take the train anyone or go to work.  I visited Nayana for SRT and after that I felt so much better.  I could take the train and tube straight away, I stopped having panic attacks, and I felt more relaxed.  I am still looking into doing Reiki to improve myself and feel even better but just meeting Nayana and having the SRT made me feel I am learning more about myself and that I don’t need to fear anything else.  Thank you Nayana for your positive energy and kind.  L

SRT helped me to deal with panic attacks and anxiety

After my car crash Dec 2014, I suffered severe injury to my spine, suffering with pins and needles, lack of sensation, lack of movement. I tried everything from physiotherapy to herbal therapies. I even went abroad for treatment which helped but short term only. Soon my pains and lack of sensations returned. Nayana’s Divine Life Reiki Centre, has changed my life. Nayana has such a special healing gift. She performed various treatments, including; Spiritual response therapy (SRT), Reiki, Pranic Healing and Meditation. On having these I am feeling great and living a perfectly normal life. My fears of driving in bad weather have completely lifted and I feel so much better, hollistically. Divine Life Reiki, is a divine change to your mind, body and soul. When I went to Nayana, I believed that my health would be better, but I did not have any expectations. Little did I know after having a course of treatment with Nayana, I will be cured. Now I am pain free and at peace with my fears. Thank you so much for being you, you have changed my world and given me back my happiness and will to achieve in life. I am looking forward to working, since the accident I haven’t worked. Thank you for everything.  S P (Leeds)

Nayana, thank you for everything