About Nayana

Reiki Master Teacher/ Practitioner offering healing treatments to bring harmony for Body, Mind and Soul.

My journey with Reiki started in 2009 and did my Reiki Master level with Tina Shaw. Amazing teacher and a mentor who helped me bring by body and mind in a state of balanced.

Reiki has changed my life completely, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

To understand the deeper levels of our Soul’s journey I learned Spiritual Response Therapy in 2015.

Also in 2016 I started Pranic Healing to have a more clarity and understanding of energy at different levels. I have attended courses on Basic, Advance, Psychotherapy, Crystal healing, Psychic Self defence, Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul, Arhatic Prep, Kriyashakti, Spiritual Business management, Pranic Feng Shui.

There is no limit to learning and self-development. The journeyed is amazing.

“With Reiki in my life I am in Divine light” (Nayana)


Usui Reiki: First Degree, Second Degree, Master/Teacher

Colour Therapy BSY

Meditation Teacher Practitioner Level 3

Crystals & Crystal Healing Practitioner Level 2

Kinesiology BSY

Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring

Pranic Healing Basic, Advance, February 2016/ March 2016

Pranic Psychotherapy 2016

Pranic Crystal Healing November 2016

Arhatic Prep. September 2016

Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul June2017