About Reiki Courses

On all the Reiki courses you will learn to develope in meditation, mindfulness and how to use energy for yourself and others.

It enhances creativity and intuition and increase mindfulness and self-awarenes

Reiki level 1 (Shoden)

Level 1 is all about connecting to the energy, learning to develop your sensitivity to the flow of energy, working on yourself to develop your ability as a channel and to enhance self healing, and working on other people.

You will receive a manual with 2 audio CDs in advance so that you can familiarise yourself with the contents of what you will be learning before you come on the course.

Certificate confirming that you have received training and have successfully completed Reiki “First Degree”.

Course Dates:

                   17th June 2018

                  18th August 2018

                  23rd September 2018

Reiki level 2 (Okuden) 

You must have practiced level 1 for at least 2 months before taking for level 2 

Level 2 provides power healing tools for those who want to advance in their lives. 

Second degree is all about reinforcing or enhancing your connection to the energy, learning some symbols which you can use routinely when working on yourself or treating others. 

Learning how to effect a strong distant connection (distant healing). How to work using intent, visualisation and intuition.

 You will receive a manual and a Audio CD in advance so that you can learn to draw the symbols and work with their energy through meditation.  

Certificate confirming that you have received training and have successfully completed Reiki “Second Degree”. 

 Course Dates: 

               12th August 2018

               21st October 2018



Reiki level 3 Master course (Shinpiden) 

I recommend that students practices level 2 for at least 6 month before taking this level. 

Master level is the teacher’s level, it is a continuation of your journey with Reiki, weather you want to teach or learn this level for your self development to further your spiritual journey. At this level you will receive energetic and practical knowledge which allows you attune others to Reiki.

Reiki Master attunement, Reiki Master symbols and other symbol, learning how to attune others and give Reiju, how to teach and learn self-empowerment.

 You will receive a manual and 2 audio CDs and a DVD 1 month in advance to do home study. You will be learning more symbols and higher frequencies and how to teach Reiki. 

 Certificate confirming that you have received training and have successfully completed Reiki “Master Level”. 

 Course Dates: 

23rd June 2018                            24th November 2018 

24th June 2018                            25th November 2018 

Full Schedules of all the courses will be provided on enrolment. 

Long term student support is provided at regular intervals at Reiki Shares.