House Clearing / Cleansing

Our Houses can be sick

Every thought, word and action has energy and can be lodged itself in the very fabric of a home/property shop, etc. and even in a motorcar. This clearing will remove the negative energies and an immediate change in the atmosphere can usually be felt. Please remember, however, that any further negativity, i.e. thoughts, words or actions, arguments, discord and disharmony to replace the negativity.

House Won’t Sell ?

If your house is failed with negative or noxious energy, it can sit on the market forever without selling. If the home does not feel safe, comfortable and inviting, no one will want to buy it. Houses sell more on how they feel then what they look like. Spiritually cleansing your house and removing the non-beneficial energies can help your house to sell quicker

Distant Healing

Reiki and Pranic healing knows no boundaries of time or space. I can send wonderful healing properties of Reiki and Pranic healing to anyone or anything anywhere in the world at any time.

Distant healing is done using the intent of the practitioner, along with their ability to harness the Divine energy.

All I require is the full name and address and why you require distant healing. we need to agree the date and time you want the treatment. The payment for the treatment can be made direct to the bank, which will be arranged.

Once you have requested the healing I would appreciate a feedback in due course. You can e-mail me at

Children's Meditation

Meditation is a great way to remove stress, improve awareness and create a sense of Wellbeing.

The Institute of Pranic Healing UK Ireland is pleased to announce the introduction of Meditation sessions for children.

These fun packed short sessions are designed to help children to:

  • Actively regulate emotions
  • Improve concentration
  • Find stillness
  • Reduce any anxieties
  • Increase confidence
  • Falling asleep at bedtime
  • Releasing negative thoughts and behaviours
  • Getting along well with others

The sessions start and finish with simple exercises to help with the 10 minute guided meditation. The idea is to make these sesisons fun and enjoyable for the children whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

Adults are welcome to join in too!