Nayana, thank you for everything

After my car crash Dec 2014, I suffered severe injury to my spine, suffering with pins and needles, lack of sensation, lack of movement. I tried everything from physiotherapy to herbal therapies. I even went abroad for treatment which helped but short term only. Soon my pains and lack of sensations returned. Nayana’s Divine Life Reiki Centre, has changed my life. Nayana has such a special healing gift. She performed various treatments, including; Spiritual response therapy (SRT), Reiki, Pranic Healing and Meditation. On having these I am feeling great and living a perfectly normal life. My fears of driving in bad weather have completely lifted and I feel so much better, hollistically. Divine Life Reiki, is a divine change to your mind, body and soul. When I went to Nayana, I believed that my health would be better, but I did not have any expectations. Little did I know after having a course of treatment with Nayana, I will be cured. Now I am pain free and at peace with my fears. Thank you so much for being you, you have changed my world and given me back my happiness and will to achieve in life. I am looking forward to working, since the accident I haven’t worked. Thank you for everything.  S P (Leeds)