Planning to take Pranic Healing Course

Nayana is a lovely, kind and generous lady who is also a master at Pranic Healing.  I started seeing her around January and still carry on with my therapy.  In the beginning I felt as almost I can’t cope with pressure for life anymore, as if I carry the world on my shoulder.  I found Nayana through a very dear friend who attended her therapies before.  Help was there and she reached me with her helping hands and we tried SRT first and I was amazed a the results.  Nayana also healed my IBS which was caused by stress – as stress went away, my stomach felt better and didn’t get symptoms anymore.  I still see her and will do time to time when I need a bit boost, cleansing, healing.  I totally recommend her and she helps me through every way.  I am planning to take pranic healing course in future too.  AL (Upminster)